Friday, September 14, 2007

Off to Bolivia

Today is our last day in the wonderful town of Cusco. We finish our Spanish lessons this afternoon and celebrate with a fancy dinner at the Map Cafe, which has the most famous Peruvian chef (Deanna has seen him on TV a few times).

So speaking of food, we have had so many amazing meals in this town. Some of the best were: trout sashimi, alpaca meat, chifa (chinese/peruvian hybrid), burmese chicken, the weclome comfort of a Grey Dog clone coffee shop brunch spot named Jack's, some excellent pizza and pasta, and of course, guinea pig. Apologies to any vegetarians, but we had to post a picture of it (below).

And since this town is so famous for its Incan walls, I thought it was cute how the local beer has the wall depicted on the bottle, see below. (Click on it to make it bigger so you can see the wall.)

While eating the local delicacy of cuy (guinea pig), we took in a fun dinner and dancing show (with a shofar/didgeridoo instrument, so we were able to hear the shofar sound on Rosh Hashana). Traditional andean and incan music, complete with pandering to the tourists (several songs ended with "shave and a haircut, two bits" and there was a 5 minute classical music medley that leaned heavily on Mozart) with fun constumed dancing. And guinea pig. Pics below.

We spent last sunday with Evan and Eve in the market town of Pisaq. Such hustle and bustle... We bought two things for our apartment: a great hand-drawn cubist picture of a guitarist and pan-pipe player, and a hand-woven wall hanging of butterflies (to match the butterfly necklace I bought for Deanna). The picture below is just one tenth of the market place. The picture below that is of a really cool tree (and you can see all the vending booth tops in the bottom of the pic).

That's about all for now. Hope all is well! Let's go Redskins...


Josh said...


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Meredith said...

I love your blog guys but that picture of the guinea pig made my insides churn!
Oy vey!

Anamaria said...

Hellow friends, I'm so glad you had visited mi country, your pictures are wonderfull, the most incredible picture is the guineapig, believe me I neve coud get such a nice picture as you both had gotten, congratulation.