Saturday, July 14, 2007

Setting up this blog

Well here I (Aaron) am sititng, on Jesse's back deck at the beach. It's early in the morning and my throat is predictably scratchy. Grateful Dead playing, sun shining, nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile. Russ once told me that of all the beaches he's ever been to, Fire Island is far and away the best one. I can't necessarily qualify this statement as fact, but I haven't been able to prove him wrong yet. I've seen some amazing beaches--San Sebastian, Spain; Mykonos, Greece; Canoa, Ecuador; Cascais, Portugal; Eilat, Israel; South Beach, Miami; Costa Maya, Mexico; Cayo Levanado, Dominican Republic; etc, but there's just something special about this place.

But I digress. We (Deanna and me) are about to embark on a trip around the world. We're looking at about a year, with 4 continents for sure, and in a perfect world, 6 (we'll probably save Africa for another time). This trip is the jealousizer--everyone we mention it to immediately becomes jealous, saying, "Wow, I wish I could quit my job and travel around the world for a year." Well, you can. And it's pretty easy--here's how: save some money, then walk into your boss's office and say "I'm quitting to travel around the world" then do it. That's what we did and so far, it's been great. We leave a month from tomorrow.

I'm spending this weekend at the beach (with Jesse--that's him in the pictures) reading travel books and websites, creating this here blog, and wrapping up loose ends--a seemingly endless process. There are a bunch of silly tasks required for putting one's life on hold--freezing a gym membership, acquiring health insurance, buying plane tickets, saying goodbye to friends, gearing up, packing, etc. I keep finding myself getting bogged down in the minutae, but luckily Deanna has been such a great centering force--always reminding me of the utilitarian purpuse. The ends really do justify the means--we're about to travel around the world for an entire year!! So here I am, lying on a chez lounge in my favorite beach with my favorite music playing, thinking about the year ahead with the love of my life, experiencing a new adventure every morning... Enjoy our travel blog.

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