Friday, October 26, 2007

Schnitzel, wine, and rainbows... this is living

Back by popular demand (ok, my mom and Helfand) its me (Deanna) writing again. To continue where we left off from last week's entry, the Pachamama by Bus tour arrived in Pucon to drop off another set of travelers and to pick us up. Before leaving nature's wonderland, we went for one more hike in Parque Huerquehue, a very magical place. Half of the beauty was the scenery and the other half was actually being able to say the name correctly.

After leaving Pucon, we traveled on Ruta Los Lagos, stopping about every 30 minutes at a beautiful lake surrounded by snowcapped volcanoes. It was absolutely breathtaking. Our destination for the day was the town of Valdivia, known for sea lions, its fish market, and its university. We arrived mid-afternoon and went straight to the fish market to watch the gigantic sea lions vie for scraps of salmon (Aaron did not participate as the sea lions were quite large).

The next day we were off to Puerto Varas, a very German-influenced town--you guessed it, on a lake surrounded by volcanoes. We were very surprised and amazed that there are so many German towns in the south of Chile. Schnitzel, strudel, and German-speaking Chileans are in abundance. Frutillar, the town that claims to be the "most" German is famous for its music festivals, German architecture, and is sponsored by Nestle.

The next two days were spent driving back to Santiago. All of our fellow passengers got off so it was just Aaron, Rodrigo (driver), Nico (guide), and myself. We had some great "Tiny Dancer" style sing-a-longs and stopped at Saltos de Laja waterfalls and the Balduzzi winery.

We arrived back in Santiago yesterday and are just hanging out enjoying city life. We saw "Superbad" yesterday which we highly recommend. Travel note: Chilean movie popcorn does not taste like American movie popcorn! Tomorrow we head to Valparaiso, a funky San Fransico like town on the beach. From there we will make our way to Argentina to spend my birthday (Nov 6, i like presents) in Mendoza wine country. Keep sending emails and other fun things!

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