Saturday, December 8, 2007


Hey everyone... just spent a wonderful week in Paraguay where we were the ONLY tourists around. Literally, we did not see a single other backpacker or even a businessman. Pretty crazy but pretty sweet.

So here are some videos from the last month or two that we hope you enjoy:

Penguin waddling towards us

And another couple of penguins waddling

Perito Moreno glacier calving in (make sure to listen for Deanna asking me if I captured the moment)

Homage to Patagonia (sorry Lemon Jelly, but we were listening to Mocean Worker at the time)

Deanna doing the tango (sorry it's sideways)

Me doing the tango (sorry it turns sideways a few seconds into it)

We're stuck in a bus station at the Argentina/Paraguay border for a few hours so hopefully we'll have time to post some more pictures. Check back soon!