Sunday, December 9, 2007

Welcome to the jungle (finally!)

So we finished off our two-week run in Buenos Aires and visit of the Estrogen Crew (Lauren, Randi and Bari) with a fun night of clubbing in the swanky Palermo neighborhood. The week with the girls was a blast! Tons of shopping--laughing more at Argentine current fashion (think of your worst memories of late 80s/early 90s "fashion") than buying things. I (as the guy) now have extensive knowledge of BsAs's best chairs and couches in trendy shops. At the right is the five of us at Cafe Tortoni watching a very fun tango show.

On December 1, the two of us flew up to Iguazu where we met my old roommate and travel buddy Rachel for a week´s visit. The national park was incredible--there were 3 different circuits that led us to different vantage points of the breathtaking waterfalls. The lowest circuit got us really close to the falls which served as a really nice treat while hiking in 95 degree weather. The upper circuit gave us an insane bird's-eye view. The last trail led us through a network of catwalks so we were able to walk right over the precipice of the gushing water. Below are some of our favorite pictures.

OK, so here's the deal. We're spending our last two weeks of South America in a sleepy beach town in Uruguay called Punta del Diablo. Internet hardly works here (which is fine because who needs a computer when you have a hammock overlooking the ocean?) so I will post the rest of the Iguazu pictures and the whole blog about Paraguay when we get to a decent internet connection in Buenos Aires or back in NYC.

Speaking of NYC, we land on Dec 26th in the morning. Let me know when you're around so we can meet for a drink and catch up!


Meredith said...

Well, seeing how "Welcome to the Jungle" seems to skip on Guitar Hero 3, I'm sure glad you guys have at least made it there! Hope you had an awesome Birthday Aaron! SEE YOU GUYS SOON!!

Beth said...

Happy Birthday Aaron! I'm so glad you both had wonderful birthdays! Owen and I have been loving all of your photos and videos. Owen wants to know if you can bring a penguin back for him! CAN"T WAIT TO SEE YOU BOTH!!!!

stefanie said...

Hi guys, i cant believe that you are almost on your way back! cant wait to hear all about it! Happy birthday aaron!!! see you soon:))) ps- i dont know if you can swing it, but if youre smuggling penguins, im in!