Friday, August 31, 2007

Chilling in Cusco for a while--now with pictures!

Ok, so here is our first picure gallery! Enjoy. It took us 10 hours to upload all them (man, I miss T1 connections...).

After a few days in Cusco (no, not really, after about 3 hours here) we decided to stay in this town for a while. Then, since all of South America is COLD, we decided to stay here for a almost 3 weeks to take Spanish classes. We start on Monday, so we're looking forward to our last few days of freedom (nah, just kidding! total and complete freedom every day).

Deanna finally picked up her purse (we'll get a picture uploaded ASAP) and loves it more than anything (even me!). We found a sushi spot that we're excited to try, and we've already eaten at Cusco's version of the Grey Dog twice. There's live music just about every night--we're going to see some classic rock cover band tonight at the traditional Peruvian bar named "Paddy Flaherty's." Who knew that that meant "Gringo toursts" in Incan?

Check back soon for some more pictures of the town.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Loved the photos. I'm jealous. I want a chance to "be strong" and push a big rock. Poo!

Glad you're having a good time.

Photo of D's epic purse, por favor?

Also: moe.down 8 was the BEST e.v.e.r.

Perry Farrell's Satellite Party was AWESOME.

Miss you guys.

Jen & Scott