Tuesday, August 14, 2007

One more day!

26 more hours until our flight... we couldn't be more excited. Just got back from our final dinner in NYC--gorging ourselves at Taro, the freshest sushi in Brooklyn. Excellent fish. mmmmm...

Doing some final packing tonight, cleaning tomorrow and then we're off. Since a lot of you have been asking, here is our itinerary for the year:
Aug 15 - Fly into Peru. Head up north to the beaches. Then southeast to Cuzco, Machu Piccu, Sacred Valley, et al. Then further southeast to the Nazca desert.
Septemberish - Either head east to Bolivia or South to Chile/Argentina.
Octoberish through late December- Either Brazil or Chile/Argentina. Hopefully a quick stop into Antarctica. A few days in Uruguay. Mendoza wine region in Argentina. Patagonia also.
Dec 25 - Fly from Argentina back to NYC.
Dec 31 - NYE with the crew
Early January - Hang out in NYC, catch up with friends, have fun.
Jan 19 - Cristina's wedding
Jan 21 - Fly to San Francisco, see friends
Jan 26 - Fly to LA, see friends and sister, nieces new niece or nephew
Jan 31 - Fly to Thailand
Winter 08 - See all of SE Asia - Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, et al.
Spring 08 - More of SE Asia
Summer 08 - Maybe the Olympics in China?
Summer 08 - Australia, NZ

Let us know if/when you'll be anywhere near us and we'll make it a point to meet up. Please stay in touch while we're on the road!


SuperDee said...

We'll be keeping close tabs on you over here in the interweb. Miss you gazillion tons already! Soak in some of those Southern Hemisphere rays for me. HAVE A BLAST!

Jennifer said...

Don't forget to wear clean underwear. XOXO!

Meredith said...


sisterLaur said...

Hi boogie and aaron,
We just heard about the quakes and we are all a little worried (mom is having a nervous breakdown). Please call mom to reassure her. We love you and miss you already. luv L and J

Auntie Helen said...

Deedee and Aaron,
We're a little nervous and worried about the quake and Tsunami threats in Peru. PLease please call collect to anyone in the family or email us to let us know you are safe and traveling away from the threats. We love you and only want you to have fun and be safe. CALL!
Auntie Helen

stefanie said...

Hi guys,

please drop a line when you can- i know your fine but would like to hear from you anyway:) have fun and be safe, PLEASE!!! miss you so much already!

love you,

Orlando said...

Hey Guys...Super sorry Ali and I missed your going away party but thanks to your Blog I know we will catch you over NYE!!! Also, thanks to you I just created my own blog...Have a great trip and be safe!!
-Orlando & Ali