Monday, August 13, 2007

So much little time

With only 2 days left of having all the options that New York provides and of not having to adhere to a very strict budget, times have been yummy but busy. So far being unemployed has meant multiple trips to Duane Reade, visa pictures at the UPS store (**Travel tip 1: Bring 10 passport photos on your trip to expedite visa processing at borders and save $$ on fees) Grimaldi's pizza, Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory and bloody marys at Superfine - not a bad life. So left on the itinerary is Yankee game tonight, omakase at Taro tomorrow, lots of TV and packing up the apartment in between. Slade our "new roommate" moves in as soon as we leave so cleaning an apartment that we've completely neglected over the past few months has been overwhelming but nice...I'm going to miss cleaning my apartment :)

We are so incredibly excited to start the trip and to get on the road. Plans at the moment (which have changed a few times in the past couple days) entail flying into Lima and connecting to Trujillo. We will explore Trujillo, Chan Chan and Huaca del Sol, using Huanchacho beach as our base. After that we'll work our way up the coast to meet Bobby D in Mancora on the 22nd.

So our next post will be from the road. See ya in Peru!


russell said...

I just have to say that those are the two most adorable passport photos ever.

That's all.

A said...

Hey Now-

My dad was born in Trujillo. I've never been, but would love to go someday.

Will be reading your blog when I can and catching up on your travels! Very inspiring, indeed.

Take care-

Andy (From sunny and humid ohio)