Thursday, August 16, 2007

We´re safe, don´t worry

Wow... thanks to all 30 of you who emailed us to make sure we were safe. The earthquake took place in Peru (well, 30 miles off the coast and 25 miles below sea level) last night while we were at JFK airport. CNN made it into a way bigger deal than it is down here--nothing has really changed except a few broken windows (so we´ve heard) a few hours south of Lima. We landed safely this morning then got on a 9-hour bus ride north to Huanchaco. We´re staying in a great hostel a few blocks from the beach. Choppy waves, great for surfing (they actually have separate areas for professionals and amateurs).

Just had an amazing ceviche dinner and some pretty bad local pilsener beers. Tomorrow we´re off to check out some Incan ruins at Chan Chan and explore the town some more.

Thanks for all your concerns!


Mikey said...

Glad your safe. Your mom and aunt worried the shit outta me until they told me that you flew after the quake which my mom omitted when I first heard. Glad everything is good. Amy says HI. Have fun and be safe. Love ya both

Jennifer said...

So glad that you have this blog--which I continually checked :) Hope you find some better beers! We saw Al and the Transamericans last night at Lion's Den and the new renovation is BEAUTIFUL. They played "Mexico," and encored with "Waiting For the Punchline." XOXO, Jen

russell said...

I knew you were okay--the quake happened on the day you left...

(And don't think I'm a bad friend because I didn't e-mail you!)

That said, I'm really glad you posted an update on your site. Good to hear that nothing is too messed up.

Sensationalism aside, a 7.9 or whatever is a BIG earthquake. I am glad that you're a'ight.

Beth said...

Glad to hear you kids are safe and sound in Peru! The earthquake gave us all a scare. It's great to hear from you guys so soon. You know how we worry! Good luck getting into the groove of a life full of adventures! Not like that's going to be a problem. Have fun! Keep us posted. Drink better beer. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Ben said...

I knew nothing about any earthquake. I don't know these things until the NEXT week, when I read "The Week." So ... I kept meaning to send you two an email saying, "Have fun!" but never did. So I'm leaving it on a comment on your blog.

- Ben

PS. Is ceviche raw tuna?
PPS. You couldn't use MSN Spaces? Geeze.

John Zap said...

Guys, Just let me know the next place you are heading to so I can warn the locals.

Meredith said...

As part of the "30", I am supes dupes happs that the only bad news here is that you drank some icky beer.